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With our extensive collection of everything from stunning tabletops to trendy lounge furniture, our 3 locations offer an unmatched selection of anything your could want with a personal touch. New products are added to our portfolio regularly and many of our styles are exclusive to the iRENT Company and can’t be found anywhere else.


Festivals and Galas

iRent company’s teams of knowledgeable event rental professionals provide you with flawless execution that you and your guest will be impressed by.  With our 25 years of experience we feel like an extension of your vision providing you with unlimited resources and a “hit the ground running” attitude.   We understand that your events are a personal reflection of your taste and reputation and we are always honored to be part of that process. 

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Special Events

Whether you need an expansion to your venue or a location face-lift, iRent Company can turn any space into the event of your dreams! We can turn a parking lot into a movie premier... a rooftop into the hottest nightclub... an airline hangar into a formal gala space... even a tennis court into the wedding reception of the year. With clever and innovative vision, linens, decor and design, we can help you take your event from plan to wow!

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